ADA Compliance

Industrial / Logistics

Retail / Commercial

Automobile Dealerships

Office Buildings

Institutional / Hospital

Parks & Recreation / City Facilities

Railroad Design

Custom Home Sites

Master Planned Infrastructure

Water Quality & NPDES Compliance

Grading Design and Earthwork Calculations

Hydrologic and Hydraulic Studies and Analysis

Drainage Master Plan and Design

Sewer and Water Master Planning and Design

Street and Highway Design

Detentions and Sedimentation Basin Design

Water Quality Management Plans

Dust Control (PM 10) Management Plans

Dry Utility Coordination

Engineering Cost Estimates

Specifications and Contract Document Preparation
Land Acquisition Mapping and Analysis

Site Planning and Feasibility Studies

Digital Color Renderings

Planned Residential Developments

Commercial, Industrial and Recreational Developments

Tentative map Preparation and Processing

Specific Plan Preparation and Processing

Zone Changes, Variances and General Plans Amendments

Conditional Use Permits

Engineering for Enviromental Impact Reports andU.S.Corps of Engineering and Fish and Game Applications

Certified Federal Surveyor # 1690
Prof. Land Surveyor CA # 8234
​Prof. Land Surveyor CA # 8403
​​​Prof. Land Surveyor CA # 7159
Prof. Land Surveyor NV # 21975
Prof. Land Surveyor AZ # 53161
Prof. Land Surveyor WA # 53443
Surveying - Supplier Clearinghouse MBE Cert. # 14100078
Surveying - Dept. of Industrial Relations CA # 1000008451

Reg. Civil Engineer OR # 92613PE
Reg. Civil Engineer CA # 45926
Reg. Civil Engineer AZ # 32982
Reg. Civil Engineer TX # 89715
Reg. Civil Engineer PA # 075430
Engineering - Dept. of Industrial Relations CA # 1000008455